CEDICT for Apple Dictionary


With Mac OS X version 10.5 “Leopard”, Apple introduced other non-English dictionaries for its Dictionary application and also developed a framework that would allow developers to make their own dictionaries compatible with the Mac OS X format. And, I just stumbled upon the CEDICT for Apple Dictionary 1.1 which is a port of the CEDICT to Apple’s Dictionary format. Although the ABC Chinese-English dictionary is my dictionary of choice for most purposes, the fact that I can do Spotlight searches for Chinese words does make this solution very attractive. They also have all the syllables in Mandarin spoken aloud if you should need them.

In addition, if you remember, Mac OS X does have built-in support for pop-up dictionary definition support in all Cocoa applications (such as most Apple applications save iTunes, and, nowadays, the majority of third party software save current Microsoft and Adobe products). What this means is that now you can look up definitions of Chinese words while browsing Safari just as well as you can lookup English words. 例如:

CEDICT Dictionary Pop-up Panel in Mac OS X


Plain awesome! (Now, if only Chinesepera-kun was also a system-wide utility like this.)


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